Accepting Fate

After all the brainstorming and putting my blog together I thought to myself: “Before I get deep into this thing with barely any followers or anyone paying attention, would anyone even view a piece of my content and give it a good Siskel and Ebert?” I’m so old skool. Remember them? Phenomenal people of the and the originals of review. I want know whether good or bad. Saying my work is great or it sucks…just in general if it would even get looked at to where people would want to follow me or even purchase my future works.

On @the.jazzapple I will have so many versions of my writings demonstrated as poetry, short stories, writings from my creative stance as a playwright, YouTube videos, and more. I have a whole list but I want to keep you in suspense and anticipating the release of my blog. My writings and everything I created to present on @the.jazzapple are very special to me and very important because I felt all of them for you. Though fiction written, every last piece I relate to because I’ve gone through it someway somehow in my own personal life. The content you will see won’t be all sugar coated and bland. Some will make you laugh, cry, talk, criticize, embrace, love, detest, see as controversial, and even maybe critically acclaim.

No matter what they will be seasoned to perfection from every last part of my heart, mind, body, and soul because I knew while I was writing, editing, and publishing I remembered every moment that led me to write and create each piece. There will eventually even be prequels explaining why each one was written or even behind the scenes looks into my works. So much is in store to keep you loving @the.jazzapple. It’s a source of good health that’s existed for quite some time. It’s just not as common to reference like a Granny Smith or a Gala event. For now that is.

So to give an idea of what is yet to come I decided to release one piece of my literary work while I have the website under construction. I have a lot to do before I successfully launch it. Right now my budget is tight. It’s one of a single mom so you have to bare with me on all I have to invest to make sure I release the whole thing to you without the layout and production of it all being the highest quality of ratchet. I worked hard creating each piece so I want to present them to you like they were presented by the greatest of all time

For example:

Tyler Perry

Maya Angelou


Oprah’s Book Club

Barnes and Noble


Amazon Kindle



New York Times

Delia Owens

John Grisham

Stephen King

James Patterson

Margaret Atwood

JK Rowling

Michelle Obama

Carolyn Keen

Mary Monroe


Warner Bro’s




The list goes on and yes these are people who have inspired me to do this and are motivating me to bring top quality content to my audience. Hopefully it will grow bigger than what I have now. We’re tiny as hell but ok. Keep hope alive. Though hope if frail it’s hard to kill. I learned that from The Prince of Egypt 😂

If anyone-follower or inspiration for me-has any advice or tips as well please give them. I want to be guided in the right direction. I am to succeed and won’t stop trying. I won’t stop actively listening to my audience on what they what to hear, see, and most importantly feel.

Because The Jazz Apple is creative writing meant to be seen, heard, and felt by any and everyone in this world…even beyond this universe…and all that Jazz. Presenting your first bite of @the.jazzapple: I call it “Accepting Fate” Enjoy